28 Winter Bucket List Ideas || Blogmas #6

Happy Day 6 of Blogmas! I know the holiday season flies by way to quickly. But thankfully most people get some time off of work or school during December. So use your Christmas vacation – even if it is super short – to do some fun things and make memories with your friends and family. Here are some of my favorite ideas of Winterish things to do, that you can add to your Christmas or Winter bucket list.

Winter Bucket List
  1. Read a Christmas book
  2. Make hot cocoa
  3. Do a Winter Photoshoot with family or friends
  4. Complete a puzzle
  5. Create your own Christmas playlist
  6. Feed the birds that come to your yard
  7. Decorate a bush or tree in your yard with edible ornaments for wild birds
  8. Bake gingerbread cookies
  9. Make paper snowflakes
  10. Make a Christmas stocking (if you’re not terribly crafty, buy a plain one and decorate it)
  11. Wrap your Christmas gifts in a style you don’t normally do. (There are tons of step-by-step instructions on Pinterest if you need some inspiration).
  12. Create a new Christmas tradition
  13. Go snowboarding, skiing, or sledding (if you’re not super adventurous you can watch)
  14. Go ice skating
  15. Buy a new cozy blanket
  16. Have an all-day Christmas movie marathon
  17. Go to a Christmas Parade
  18. Drive around town looking at Christmas lights
  19. Host a Christmas dance party
  20. Build a gingerbread house
  21. Create a new family recipe for a Christmas drink
  22. Make a new ornament for your tree
  23. Go to a Christmas tree lighting
  24. Have an indoor picnic
  25. Go to Christmas events around where you live
  26. Go to a Christmas play
  27. Write down your goals for the new year
  28. Go to a Christmas candlelight service