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Do you love Bella's Beautiful Life and what it stands for? Are you a creative person who wants to share their many interests with the world? You have come to the right place!

We are looking for creatives, entrepreneurs, and writers who want to guest post (or be interviewed) and share their personal wisdom about topics such as life, creativity, financial, travel, and entrepreneurship.

Are you a blogger? Amazing! Are you a young entrepreneur who has accomplished something super interesting? We would love to hear more about it! Have you traveled somewhere really cool? We want to hear your suggestions of where to visit or take Instagram worthy photos


Topics that we are most interested in right now

♕ Reality (personal experiences combined with tips and information that would be relatable and helpful to readers)

♕  Entrepreneurship and business

♕ Financial advice and experiences

♕ Blogging, creative, art, and writing advice


What isn't right for us:

We don't like super formal, cold, or fluffy pieces. If you wouldn't want to read and share it yourself, please don't send it. If you wrote a book or created a podcast about your experiences share some of your story and what you learned, then we may consider promoting your item, but don't create an advertisement that focuses completely around a product you offer or promote. If you are an individual or business looking to promote your service or product, you can learn more here: Brand Collaboration. 

What we do like:

We love multi-interest young creatives who want to share what they know with others. Please be sure to read some of our posts, look around the blog, and check the social media so you have a general idea about what our voice is. We are looking for honest, passionate, and funny young people who can write down-to-earth pieces. The number one thing to remember is be yourself when you're writing. Write the article like you are talking to a friend.


Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Articles should be between 200-1500 words in length. Content should be original, unpublished anywhere else, and your own. If you are referencing to something or making claims please include relevant links to data/research (unless the information is based on something you have accomplished). Please note that at this time we are not paying for accepted works, we will give you credit for the article and may provide links to your blog and/or social media.  If you are selected to be featured on Bella's Beautiful Life, you will receive an e-mail within 3-4 weeks after your submission.


Terms and Conditions
  1. By submitting to guest post or be interviewed, you hereby assign the intellectual property rights, titles, and interests, including copyrights, of all content developed or prepared for to the site owner.

  2. The work you are submitting for publication on is your own, original, and has never appeared anywhere else (either online or in print).
  3. Once you have submitted your article, you will allow up to 3 months for publication on If your work has not been published and you have not been contacted during that time, the rights to the work revert back to you and you’re free to do with it as you wish (including re-submitting it).
  1. Bella's Beautiful Life will credit the article to you and may provide a link to your website and/or social media.
  1. Bella's Beautiful Life reserves the right to edit your article(s) and change the title, and remove links.
  2. If your article is selected and posted, you can repost the article with the following conditions: you agree to change the title, you agree to include a link to the original post on in the new article. You agree to include the following at the bottom of the post: Read the original article on Bella's Beautiful Life Copyright 2018. Bella's Beautiful Life is a creative entrepreneur, lifestyle blog for multi-talented people who are seeking advice on growing as an individual and being an entrepreneur who creates a business around what they love. Follow Bella Montreal on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  3. If any of these terms and conditions are broken, the owner of Bella's Beautiful Life reserves the right to take legal action. To learn more please read our site's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

*Media kit available upon request