Mountain Drives

How is it already May?! It’s so weird because I feel like I have done nothing and everything at the same time this year so far and I honestly don’t know why. Maybe it’s because there is so much I want to do and plan on doing and I’m just impatient and excited to get there. I know I’ve gotten a lot done so far even though sometimes it may not feel like it because, I’ve only had a couple truly off days this year so far. If I’m being honest, a lot of times I consider it an off day if I only do a couple of business-related things like post to social media or check emails.

Because of my anticipation and thinking (and sometimes overthinking about overthinking) it’s rare that there is a moment where I relax, and my mind isn’t thinking about a million things at once. One of these rare moments is when I head up to the mountains with my family. I have always loved taking trips to the nearby mountains especially in the spring and summer months when the heat gets unbearable in the valley, it’s nice to be able to escape to where it’s 15+ degrees cooler. There’s something about the trees and mountain environment, that make me feel so relaxed and peaceful. It doesn’t matter how stressed I could be from homework or work, or just plain exhausted, but as soon as I breathe the mountain air and see the nature everything seems to get a little better.

I wish we could go more often, but packed schedules won’t allow it. While it already feels like summer here in the valley, up in the mountains they’ve had several small snow showers. I love snow and rain and for some reason even if it’s sunny and 95 degrees where I’m at, it makes me happy to be told how hard it’s raining or how big the snowflakes are somewhere else, lol. Recently we happened to be up there when one of the surprise mini ice/snow storms hit. I didn’t take too many photos and didn’t want to post them to Instagram because I thought it would look out of place posting photos of snow in May, so I decided I would write a post and share a couple here. If they don’t look like the best quality it’s because I took them out the window while we were driving.

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