Getting in the Christmas Spirit + Big Announcement! || Blogmas #1

This is the first Holiday season in a long time where I actually feel like I have the Christmas Spirit. There have been several years where I was happy that it was Christmas time, but I was so caught up in what I HAD to do (attending events, shopping, writing, homework, homework, and homework) that I didn’t actually “have the time” to be in the Christmas Spirit. This winter I don’t have a mountain of homework, and I have things organized more effectively. Thankfully, this year Christmas lights, decorations, baking smells, and Christmas music all seem more exciting than they have in years past. Don’t get me wrong, even the years where I was really preoccupied, I was always happy to see the Christmas displays at the stores and the Christmas decorations around my house and town.

Here are some ideas to help you get into (or a little more into) the Christmas spirit.
  • Make a Christmas wishlist for yourself, share it with your family or friends
  • Start the search for an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Start cleaning your living area
  • Set up a Christmas tree even if it is super small. For some DIY Christmas tree ideas check Pinterest, there are tons of DIY trees that are really neat!
  • Decorate your living area and/or the place in your house you spend the most time. If you work from home decorate your workspace or office. It’s difficult to be a Grinch when you’re surrounded by Christmas décor. 😉
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Play Christmas music in the background while you bake, decorate, clean, etc.
  • Collect Christmas ideas on Pinterest
  • Organize your schedule, so you can figure out when you need to go Christmas shopping, order gifts, mail Christmas cards, start decorating, etc.
  • Attend a Christmas concert, play, or movie.
  • Poke holes in oranges and apples with a fork, and stick cloves into the little holes. When you are done, set the oranges and apples in a bowl in your living area. They will make your house smell Christmassy, and you don’t have to worry about all the chemicals of scented candles or air fresheners.



I have a lot planned for December and the New Year, it’ll be an entirely new chapter of life, which I am excited for! But for now the big announcement. I am going to be “expressing” Christmas Spirit by doing my first ever Christmas Blog marathon or “Blogmas” for the month of December!!

My preparations for Blogmas are well under way (they’ve been in the working for about two months now). Simply saying, I’ve been surrounded by Christmas for quite a while now. Christmas songs, recipes, gift ideas, Christmas movies, books, etc. I’ve thought and re-thought about all of it. I’ve tried to be super organized about all of this, and up to this point I feel like it will stay that way for the duration of this Christmas marathon..

Most bloggers who do Blogmas fall into one of two groups. They either post an article every day for the “twelve days of Christmas” (Dec 1st – December 12th), or they post an article every day of December which often results in low quality content and holiday burnout. For me posting for the twelve days seemed too short. But I also didn’t want to post every day because I want to enjoy the holidays and post quality content. Since I like doing things different, I decided to change up the Blogmas tradition. So, I will be posting every other day for the majority of December, and then several days in a row for Christmas week. Some of the articles will be covering topics such as: My favorite Christmas movies, managing time, holiday stress, and places I’d like to spend December.

The Basics

How many articles will I be posting? 17 (I know it is the year 2017 and believe it or not I didn’t set this up intentionally lol).

What days will the articles be posted? As long as the holidays go as planned they will be posted on the following days. December 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, and 31.