A Few of My Favorite December Things || Blogmas #10

I can hardly believe that it is less than a week until Christmas Day! The month of December has gone by so quick. Actually, if I’m being honest the whole year has unfolded super-fast (aside from a few unfortunate events). But anyways, there are five days until Christmas Eve and my Christmas spirit and enthusiasm are very high. 🙂 So, for today I decided to share some of my favorite December things!

A few of My Favorite Things

1. The true meaning of Christmas, because without it there wouldn’t be any Christmas holiday season.
2. The smell of pine and evergreens.
3. Boots.
4. Gingerbread.
5. Wrapping paper. I think most of all it is the million different patterns to choose from that makes me like it, but I also like to wrap.
6. Christmas music. Although, it seems like there’s a lot of Christmas music I find annoying, I enjoy listening to my favorite seasonal songs. To see some of the Christmas songs I’m listening to this season, check out this article: The Ultimate Christmas Playlist
7. Live Christmas trees. Yes, fake Christmas trees are nice because you can leave them up for weeks and you don’t have to sweep up pine needles for months. But despite “fake tree” convenience, nothing beats the smell of a fresh pine tree.
8. Hot cocoa.

9. Christmas lights, because there’s something soothing about being in a room with just a few tiny lights. I like Christmas lights of all kinds (as long as they don’t flicker) whether they are on a Christmas tree or they are decorating a house exterior.
10. Christmas movies – There are very few non-Christmas movies that I will watch more than once. But when it comes to Christmas movies, my family will play them a dozen times every winter of every year and I never get tired of them. For some inspiration on Christmas movies to watch check out my article: 12 Must See Christmas Movies
11. Oversized sweaters and flannel shirts.
12. Peppermint candy canes.
13. Snow – I love how it feels, how it glitters, how snowflakes fall, all of it.
14. Christmas books. I like either children’s or adult Christmas books. To see some of my favorite books to read at Christmas time, check out this article: 5 Books You Should Read This December
15. Wool blankets, because in the winter you can layer blankets, while not getting too hot.
16. Snowflakes – Real ones and tissue paper ones.
17. Making Christmas cut-out cookies.
18. Iced Coffee. I know most people like only hot drinks in the winter, but I am the opposite. Unless it’s hot cocoa or tea now and then, I prefer my coffee iced.