About the Artist

I have loved creating since I was very young, and I am largely a self-taught artist. Once I entered college, I started taking fine art classes even though that wasn't my major at the time. Because of the art classes I fell even more in love with the arts, which led to me getting a degree in Fine Art, in addition to my other degrees. Although I already knew a lot, the degree allowed me to explore creativity and further my knowledge and proficiency in art. I took many types of art classes so I could improve on my drawing and painting. And I was introduced to ceramic and metal sculpture, ceramic pottery, and yes I even took basket weaving (and I loved it lol).
Although individuality is critical in art, I also think that artists can learn a ton from the great artists such as Van Gogh, Warhol, and Lichtenstein. By learning from artists of the past, we can create new innovative art styles that connect the past to the present in our art. This is why I like to combine both modern and lesser used classic techniques.
What are your goals as an artist? My main goals as an artist are to:
- Create art pieces that make people think about different topics and emotions.
- Help people express their personal style with my creations.
- Be an environmentally friendly artist. This includes being careful to not waste materials, using safer materials, placing recycled items into my mixed media creations, and creating upcycled products.
Who do you create art for? I create art for people who enjoy making a difference in the world and who love to express their personal style through the clothes they wear, the products they buy, and the art they display in their homes or businesses.

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