30 Fun Bucket List Ideas


Recently, I started putting together a personal bucket list of things I want to do. I’ve broken my list into two categories: 1. Things I want to do this year and 2. Things I want to do in the future. If you don’t already have a bucket list I would seriously encourage you to create one. If you write down your goals of things you want to do, you have a much higher probability of actually doing them.

So, whether or not you have a bucket list here are a few ideas I’ve put together. Have fun and good luck with your bucket list accomplishments!

  1. Be able to run a 5K.
  2. Graduate college.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Get in the newspaper.
  5. Swim in the ocean at night.
  6. Put a message in a bottle and let it sail away.
  7. Stand under a waterfall.
  8. Learn how to surf.
  9. Travel somewhere alone.
  10. Ride in a limo.
  11. Go zip lining.
  12. Paint a picture on the beach.
  13. Go to an NBA game.
  14. Leave some random notes in library books.
  15. Spend an entire summer, somewhere besides your home.
  16. Build a real sand castle.
  17. Go zorbing!
  18. Go canoeing.
  19. Learn to snowboard.
  20. Take a photo every day for a year.
  21. Draw a picture every day for a year.
  22. Spend the night in the back of a truck.
  23. Own a Polaroid camera.
  24. Drop water balloons from a high spot.
  25. Go swimming in a fountain.
  26. Hold a baby sea turtle.
  27. Tie a message to a balloon or put it inside and let the balloon fly away.
  28. Go somewhere no one knows your name.
  29. Get A’s on a test you didn’t study for.
  30. Give a shelter pet a home.


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