27 Things to do this autumn

Out of all the seasons, to me autumn seems to go by the fastest. Every year I think of things I want to do when summer ends, but I always seem to run out of time. So, this year I decided to plan better, and make an actual list this way I can check them off as I complete them. Here are 27 things that I plan on doing this fall! Make sure you take the time to do some fun fall things too, before the snow arrives. 🙂 🍂

  1. Take a drive through the countryside
  2. Visit a real pumpkin patch even if you don’t buy a pumpkin
  3. Make apple cider
  4. Roast pumpkin seeds (this is super fun and they taste great!)
  5. Make a list of twenty-five things you are thankful for
  6. Go shopping for some new things to add to your autumn/winter wardrobe
  7. Collect pinecones (you can use them to make something later)
  8. Get up early to see an autumn sunrise
  9. Go to a football game
  10. Go on a hayride
  11. Camp out in your backyard
  12. Take video clips (or photos) of all the fun things you do
  13. Make soup with a new (or favorite) recipe
  14. Go to a corn maze
  15. Do a fall photo shoot, wear your favorite autumn outfits
  16. Play flag or two-hand touch football with some friends
  17. Read a book
  18. Go to a fall festival
  19. Create your own autumn playlist
  20. Decorate your house or bedroom with some fall décor
  21. Bake cookies
  22. Paint your nails in fall colors
  23. Go on a bike ride
  24. Make caramel apples
  25. Pick out a blanket to cuddle with for the rest of the cold season
  26. Paint pumpkins
  27. Roast marshmallows