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Welcome to Bella’s Designs!

 Bella’s Designs is a creative entrepreneur, lifestyle blog for young adults with multiple talents who are seeking tips on adulting and creating a business around what they love. Bella's Designs is a place where I share the things I love (entrepreneurship, writing, art, and the special parts of my everyday life) and help others learn how they can build a business around something they love. I have also just launched an online shop. As it grows it will feature digital art prints, fine art pieces, and handmade or upcycled products created by me. The shop is for people who love items that express their personality to others.
Through my site, I want to make a difference by inspiring people and teaching other creative entrepreneurs how to build a profitable business around what they love and reach their highest level of creative potential. Everyone deserves to live a life that they enjoy, while they are doing what they love.
I hope you’ll stay in touch by joining my mailing list down below. Visit me here on my blog often to check out the latest posts and products! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me Here or reach out to me via social media. Do what you love and enjoy peace, love, and joy in all you do!