Being Thankful

In a society that focuses on (and encourages) selfishness and perfection, it can be easy to attempt to find joy in temporary things and lose sight of all our blessings. Because of this, I think it is important to make an effort to be thankful […]

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My Autumn Journal

Every season is pretty in its’ own way, but there’s something comforting about autumn that makes me love it. Maybe it’s watching a rainbow of leaves twirl their way to the ground and then dance away with the wind, the smell of spices, the taste […]

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10 Things I Love about Autumn

There are so many reasons to love autumn and things to love about. Unfortunately, where I live the fall season doesn’t last very long. Typically once summer ends, the weather stays pretty hot (upper 80s) up until mid-October. For a short while (about five weeks) […]

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